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Okay, here are a few that I have just somehow managed to hang on to since I was a teenager.   Funny how some things just show up out of the blue.  I hope you enjoy them.

Heart Centered hug

Many consider this the highest form of hugging.  It begins with direct eye contact as the two huggers stand facing each other.  Then they wrap arms around each others shoulders or backs.  Heads are together and there is a full body contact.  The hug is firm, yet gentle, as the huggers focus on the compassion that is flowing from one heart into the other.  The heart centered hug is full and lingering, caring and tender.  It acknowledges that place at the center of each of us where pure unconditional love may be formed.

author unknown

The next ones were in a letter than a girlfriend of mine that I had when we were in grade school wrote to me...I just had such a kick out of reading them again that I thought they deserved to be here.  Remember we were in grade school when these were shared. :-)

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Your a great friend,
and I like you!

There are gold ships,
There are silver ships,
but there's no ships,
like our FRIENDSHIP!

Tell me quick, before I faint,
Is we friends, or is we ain't?

Denise Tacy wherever you are, you will always remain tucked safely away in a warm corner of my heart.

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