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I belong to some really great groups.

This is where you will find all my badges and logos for them.  To visit them simply click on the logo.

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LOTH is the very first group I joined on the net and I am still with them today, after 2.5 years.   What a great diverse group of ladies they are.

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Then came the Divine Diva's, they too are a great group with loads of diversity.  My hubby teases me all the time about being a Diva.

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Just have to include my DD birthstone here!  Isn't it lovely?



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Sisters of the Golden Moon, wanna talk about a large diverse group, this is it.  I love being a part of this group.

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This group is more of a family than just a group.  I love all the folks that I have met here and am sure you too would enjoy them all.  Take a tour and see if I'm not right. :-)

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I was so surprised and thrilled when I was asked to lead this committee for our CHOG family.  I feel so honored to have so many wonderful friends and great ladies helping me with this committee.  Thank you Cindy, Shy, and Jamie.

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