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I was so lucky to have found this wonderful group of ladies.  I have wanted to put this page up for a long time it has just taken me awhile, so sorry ladies, but now I am putting it all together and in these pages you will find all the beautiful gifts I have been blessed with by this group.

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This logo is also on my main page, but it deserves to be here also.

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I am a very proud member of the Holiday Cheer Team!

We have such fun getting together all the things to make holidays special for our SGM sisters.


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Well, somehow I ended up with two! :-)

Think it may have had something to do with a LOA. ;)

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Thank you so much GypsyStarElf.

Ya know ladies, you just gotta love all our lil flitting elves.  I can tell you that on more than one occasion they have made my day better just by the lil things they do.

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This is adorable, and forgive me, I do not remember where it came from. :-(


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This is awesome!  Thanks so much!


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Thank you Beauty, this is Beautiful! ;)

Well, I think it is time to start the next page.

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