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As we have gone through our journey of friendship so many things have happened.  You have given me more than I know I can ever repay, yet there is always a little bit more that you give.   One of the things that you have become in my life is a fantastic teacher, for this I give you this award!  Look at what I can do now compared to what I was doing graphically and web page wise just a few short months ago.  You are the one who deserves the credit, so without further delays,


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Well for some reason, as I am beginning to notice, this isn't a very valentine(y) page, is it?   Hhhmmm, so I strayed, yet again. LOL

Back to my main theme and idea now.

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I just love getting roses.  I think they are probably one of the prettiest flowers.  So I am sending you an overflowing basketfull!

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Oh Yummie!!!!  Look what Betty found!  I wonder if she knows what is in the center of those????

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When I saw this lil one I just couldn't resist her! :-)  Sneaky lil devil ain't I.   Then when lil Melissa saw her she wanted me to frame her for you, so she is from the lil one!  Who wishes you a very happy Valentines day!


Well my dear, for now that is all I have, but who knows, there is still time between now and Valentines day. ;)  I may just come across something that I can't resist, or have an idea in the middle of the night.

Love you Loads,



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