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These were written by a young man I was dating, actually my first "true love"  Kurt Lanning.

So, Kurt wherever you are, here's to you!  Thanks for the good times and the growing experience.

Just as You are

Do not apologize, my love...I want you as you are.  No one is faultless on this earth, or perfect as a star.  You have your faults, and I have mine, as human beings do.   And your confession does not change my happy thoughts of you.  We all have made mistakes in life and we may make mistakes after these however hard we try to guard   the seal on virtues door.  Whatever you and I have done let us forget the past and let us join our hearts and souls in union that will last.  Forgive me for my smallest sin as I forgive you now and let us both begin anew with our eternal vow.

Will you wait?

How many days and nights are you prepared to wait for me?  How many hours will your heart be warm with sympathy?  And if the seasons turn to years and moments never end will you remember me, my sweet, as more than just a friend?  Will you be faithful when the wind is whirling in the dust and when you cannot help but feel the urge to wanderlust.   I know I do not have the right to ask so much of you and yet I love you so much my sweet, what else am I to do?  Because when some tomorrow comes the world will be an empty place unless I know YOU care.

My dream come true

This is the fulness of my life.  My sweetest dream come true.  As I have asked in every prayer the joy of loving you.  The joy of being at your side whatever night or day.   Of kissing you and listening to the precious words you say.  The happiness of every smile that you bestow on me and every picture painted in my book of memory.   What more could I desire dear?  What riches to be had?  I have the treasure of your heart to be forever glad.  While now I strive with all my soul to make you happy too as you have given me your love, so I belong to you!

Thank you Kurt Lanning for all the songs and poetry that you wrote in this wonderful time frame I hold so cherished in my memory.  My prayer for you is that no matter where you are in life that you are happy and your life is full.

Young love, isn't it just the most wonderful experience we have?

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