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Yes, same set again.   I just love it.  This picture is so perfect for Melissa and I. :-)

Okay I said I would tell you more about how our friendship "evolved" lol .

First though I must say that Melissa has been the most wonderful teacher I could have asked for.  If I can do it in PSP or Front Page Editor it is because she has learned me everything I know.   She is very patient and only beats me occasionally with that ole wet noodle of hers. LOL (for reals)  Anyhow, so when I met Melissa we chatted back and forth and spent time getting to know each other, this of course was after the shock of having so many similarities in our lives.  Now, that she taught me how, I have jumped into this cyber world with both "hands" and am still occasionally snagging her beautiful work to display on my web pages. 

It never ceases to amaze me how two people so far apart can be so close.  We know pretty much all there is to know about each other.  The private things along with the not so private, the personal along with the not so personal.  Melissa has been there for me through some very hard spots in my life and I can never repay that, not that she would ask me to.   Isn't that what friendship is about?  Sharing the good and the bad, the happy and the sad the ups and the downs.  She has been there with me through all of it.   Our husbands even know that when it comes to this friendship there is no way of coming in the middle.  My children know that when they get home from school, Melissa will be on line, better mind your p's and q's or she will get them. ;)  The first thing they do when the get home from school is say hello to Melissa.  My family had a hard time understanding this special bond between us, until my mom actually talked with Melissa via phone during a crisis in my life and found out that Melissa is my rock through those storms.  Now, yes Melissa, you are regarded as one of the family, all the way around. :-)  I keep telling my family I am gonna run away, yeah right, they would know exactly where to find me.  LOL  I tell Melissa and George that if they get a fed-x box please open it right side up ASAP!!!!!  LOL 

Let me just sum up these two pages with this lil note;

Without Melissa at the other end of this connection I am lost and lonely.  To me that means so much.   To know that if I need her I have but to turn on the computer and there she is, if she isn't that's okay, I can pick up the phone and call her.  She has this uncanny way of knowing just when I need her most though, and is usually here.  Yes friends, Melissa is my best friend for now for tomorrow, for Always!

Thank you Melissa, for just being you and letting me be me!  Who could ask for more?!?!?