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Welcome to one of the most special pages
on my site!  This set best represents the way
my best friend and I feel about each other.
Always Together!

You see Melissa and I met about 2 years ago
on line.  Seems her sister and I share the exact
same name, Karyn, and if that wasn't enough
my daughter's name is Melissa.  Oh, it doesn't end
there. :-)  We now live miles and miles apart as she
is in Georgia and I am in New Mexico BUT we
grew up and lived most of our lives just 12 miles
away from each other.  Amazingly we did not know each other then.   There is a lot that I can say for these lil inventions called computers!  I came on line about 2.5 years ago and have encountered the best friend I have had in my life!  I recently read a little plaque that really fits this special relationship that Melissa and I share;

"I walked into the heart of a friend

and found a home!"

This is so true with us.  Here we sit, on a daily basis miles away physically from each other but yet so in tune with the others thoughts and feelings that it is as though we were next door neighbors.   Occasionally we have people come into our lives for a purpose and then   ***poof*** they are gone, but I tell you that without this special person in my life I truly would be lost!  My husband often teases me that if he wasn't so sure he was my soul mate, he would think that Melissa was.  Well, I am not so sure about the soul mate thing, as I truly believe my husband is my soul mate, but the bond that ties Melissa and Karyn, is something beyond soul mate.  We are more like soul sisters.   You know the type the ones who can read your thoughts when you can't get them out, finish your sentences and know your deepest feelings without a word said.  Well, as hard as it may be for some to believe, that is us!  The miles melt away when we get aol and chat.  My days are not complete without at least a few moments of hearing her voice.  Yes, you might say that I am addicted to Melissa.  I can think of worse addictions. ;)

This is something that Melissa made us awhile back, now you can all see the two of us together.

bstfrnds.jpg (44939 bytes)

Okay, on to the next page.   Learn a bit more about the two of us and how far our frienship has come in the last 2 years.