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I must start this page by telling you that even in the rough times I have always felt that you were/are the one for me.  In my life you hung the moon and the stars and without you my life would be empty.

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I know that together we can face and conquer anything we come across.  You are my strength and reason for living.

I was thinking the other day about what my favorite Valentines day with you was. :-)  Do you remember the one that we went and bought those HUGE strawberries and went to the park with them and the white chocolate and sat and ate them all?  I do! ;)  I think that was one of my most favorite Valentines Days.

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We could try dipping other things too! ;)

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Oh, look at that, a whole basketful just waiting for somebody to dip and eat them.

Well Honey, There is so much I could say here and so many other things I could put on this page, but I wanted to mainly let you know this......



Always Yours,