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This page is a directory, well my idea of a directory that is.  Choose where you want to go click on the button and away you will be.

I belong to a few wonderful groups on line and you will also find them listed here.  Click on the name of the group to go to the page(s) that I have created in dedication to them.

Cherished Hearts of Gold

Divine Divas


Sisters of the Golden Moon

For those of you who know me and want a face to put with the name This is me.

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This picture was taken a year ago this summer.  No laughing...LOL  Some of you know me as Karyn others as Diva Darlin and then there is my aka Lady Leo, yes I am a Leo.  Then there is a nickname that I have had since High School, just can't seem to shake this one....Tigger and of all of them, that is the one that I feel most matches my personality...

Choose a button, and enjoy your journey through my world.

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