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Many thanks to all the wonderful Ladies who thought my site and feelings were so worthy of these beautiful awards.  I never imagined when I started that this was so possible!  I treasure all of you and the awards you have blessed me with.

Thank you Tigress, this means more than you will ever know.

The nicest part about Awards is the total surprise and joy they bring.   Thank you Ladies.

Thanks so much Beverly!  What a treasure you are!.

Thanks so much for the honor!

This was such a sweet surprise. Thank you very much Coyote Jo!

This too was a glorious surprise from coyote_jo!!! :-)

AWWWW Shucks!!!!  Thanks Melissa.  Look how far you've come.   WOP's Carebear!!!!

Thank you so much!  A beautiful lady with a wonderful heart.

Thank you so much for these two awards.  Such Beauty!

As always my best friend Melissa always makes me feel so special and so loved. 8*)   Thank you!!!!



Once again I wish to thank all of you who thought my little hobbie was worthy of awards.  It is such blessing to me to have what I do have and the friends I have here in the "cyber world"!!!  Love to you all!!


Once again, I must thank Melissa.  You did it for me again sweetie!   THANKS!!!!