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To my Third page of gifts.  Yes I do Enjoy this background. :-)  Hope you do too..

These are from my dear friend Tigress.  Through thick and thin she will always be the one who stands by me.

The following are all from a wonderful group I have recently joined..Heart of Gold. and they all truly do have Hearts of Gold.  Thank you all.  8*)

Thank you Rajiv.   It is precious.

These next items all came from my new found friend Gail.  She is a real sweetheart.  I treasure our new friendship may it continue to grow and blossom. :-)

Isn't this just gorgeous.  Love it!!!! :-)

These are from some very special ladies.  Thank you all.  These are so very pretty.

Thank you Louise.   I love Roses.  The day I received this I really needed it.  Bless you.

Thank you for this lovely gift Lady Unicorn It is a favorite of mine.  So sweet it is.

Thank you Sandy.   These kitties are just precious.

Please do take the time to leave me your footprints in my guestbook. 

I enjoy reading your comments and surfing your pages.