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This page is dedicated to all those wonderful Ladies who have sent to me some of the most beautiful work I have seen on the net.  I thank you all each and every one.  If you wish to see more of their work all you need do is to click on their gift.  I thought it appropriate to link to them, as I could think of no better way to show my appreciation.  I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do.  Happy surfing to all who stop by to visit, may your shoulders be heavy with the love of an angel. "

Thank you Tigress

Thank you sweet Tigress, This is my most precious gift thus far. 




Thank you Connie




Thank you. Such an honour




Thank you Roberta




Thank you Stacy




Thank you Camomile  




Thank you Misker



Thank you Linda Angel 




Thank you for the pretty Mabel



Thank you dear sister




Aren't these little guys just the cutest!!!!  If you recognize them please email me, had a blonde moment...:-)


A Great Big Thanks to my Friend Melissa for the Beautiful angel buttons, look for more of her lovely handy work throughout the rest of my pages.  Love ya Melissa...Thanks