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Okay folks, here we go.  There are so many beautiful things that are sent through our email groups and that I have had sitting in a folder since I joined this family that this could be pages long. :-)  Such a wonderful feeling to know that there is such support and love in the world.

Thank you all!!!!!!

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This one was sent last year when Hubby Jon and I celebrated out 15th anniversary.  Thank you family.

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Rajiv, what can I say, I think you are a wonderful young man, and sooo talented!  Thanks so much!

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More beautiful with everyday!  Thanks again.

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Thank you Shy!  This is so pretty!

Well, are you all seeing things that you did lonnnnggggg ago?  LOL  I warned you that I have been keeping things a long time. ;)

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I just love this lil guy!  Rajiv, you make some of the cutest things!  Spring is my favorite season!

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Thank you so much Shy!  I just doing what I enjoy most, making others happy. :-)


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