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What can I say Barbara, you are one loved and missed lady.  Still holding up????  Good...we have lots more to see.

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I know that one must always ask the Lord to do things as he sees, thus the above prayer, that I have been praying for you.

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As you can see Barb, Mayflower has been very busy.  She sent me all of these to put up for you. :-)

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Isn't she just toot sweet?  Smilecan does make one smile.

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Our dear Lyndall dropped by with these for you!  Those roses are so pretty.

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gwfrmlynda2.jpg (11194 bytes)

Lynda came by too, with these sweet wishes for you.


Well, take a deep breath and lets get on with more pages.   I am trying to make it so that it does not take forever for your pages to load.  I hope it is working. ;)

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