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Well Barbara, Here we go with some more.  Are you feeling okay?  Wanna make sure that this lil stroll is not too much for your knee.  If you need to lean, lean on me. :-)

hugsker.gif (22862 bytes)

Just wanted you to know that I am here for you.  I just love those BIG SQUEEZY HUGS, don't you?

hug2.jpg (17309 bytes)     hugslogo.jpg (7479 bytes)

surprise_cert.jpg (7603 bytes)

Surprise Angel sent you some more hugs....oh, they are so nice.

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jamie2.jpg (6503 bytes)

What a beautiful basket of flowers Jamie found.

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kha.jpg (7573 bytes)

Kind Heart Angel went and found you some more.  This lil prayer angel is precious.  Thanks sweetie.

floral12.gif (58533 bytes)     floral3.gif (55038 bytes)

ielogo.jpg (6675 bytes)    faith_cert.jpg (7084 bytes)

Faith Angel found these beautiful flower filled tear drops just for you!

barbshygws1.gif (68456 bytes)

barbshygws2.gif (23761 bytes)

Shy just sent me these beautiful sparklies for you!!!

There is still more, are you feeling up to this?  Like I said, take my hand and hold on.

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